LILA: Find Your Perfect Match Using Astrological Symbolism

On this episode, we are joined by the Founders of LILA, Ricky Williams and Matt Cohen, as well as Sequoia Blodgett, Operator at M13 Ventures.

LILA translates astrological symbolism into useful information that enhances the 3 dimensions of relationships. Made by humans. Powered by stars. LILA turns your horoscope into psychological insights that help you make better choices in your relationships.

Ricky Williams, CEO & Founder

Upon the completion of a successful professional football career, Ricky Williams turned his attention to spiritual exploration and development. A Gemini fueled by a passion for learning, he studies and practices yoga, meditation, astrology, craniosacral therapy, pranic healing and Ayurvedic medicine. During Ricky’s 16 years studying astrology and interpreting birth charts for his clients, he discovered a teacher in world-renowned evolutionary astrologer Steven Forrest. In 2020, Ricky, Steven and his wife Linnea Miron founded LILA (Sanskrit for “divine play”). He currently hosts a popular podcast, Curious Questions with Ricky Williams.

M13 Ventures

“M13 is one of the brightest star clusters in the Northern sky. It’s full of remarkable individual stars. But when those stars come together, they create something that’s truly greater than the sum of its parts. That’s the M13 advantage.” M13 is a full-service venture engine with a platform of experts and resources that helps our founding teams proactively navigate risks through all stages of growth and excel at execution. Learn more at

Sequoia attended film school in Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University, one of LA’s best-kept secrets. After graduating, she went on to work in the entertainment industry as a commercial and music video director, which allowed her to produce, direct and shoot content for some of the top artists and brands in the industry.

As the music industry started to shift toward technology, Sequoia decided to try her hand at something else. She packed up her bags and moved back to the Bay Area, where she’s originally from, and dove headfirst into the tech industry. She got her break by attending Draper University, a startup boot camp led by legendary Silicon Valley, Venture Capitalist, Tim Draper. Draper eventually became Sequoia’s first investor, which catapulted her into a newly formed company and a co-starring role on ABC Family’s, “Startup U.”

As she built the company, she began contributing tech and media content to a national publication and digital platform, which eventually led to a full-time position. After deciding to go in a different direction, Sequoia dissolved the first company and launched Commas, a product and service engine for growing entrepreneurs that offers exclusive access to top tech and creative resources. She currently holds the role of the operator at M13, a Santa Monica-based Venture Capital firm, where she is helping to provide entrepreneurs with the proper resources to grow and scale their businesses.

What is Pitch Please?

This podcast gives listeners a look inside meetings between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. Take a seat at the table as startup founders pitch their businesses to seasoned VCs in the hope of receiving investment. Follow along and choose which startups you would fund, then get the chance to support them yourself. Learn what questions are asked, how investors choose founders to back, and what it takes to get to YES!

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