MOD Tech Labs: Create Digital Content Automatically with AI

On this episode, we are joined by the Founders of MOD Tech Labs Alex and Tim Porter, as well as Sputnik ATX Managing Partners Dr. Oksana Malysheva and Joe Merrill.

MOD Tech Labs creates stunning visuals for film, television apps, and more. AI-powered photogrammetry tools automatically bring your 3D models to life at scale and in mind-blowing time. Generate meshes, transform point clouds, optimize textures, and so much more with their all-in-one platform. Create More. Save Time. Make Money. Find them at

Support MOD Tech Labs by subscribing and downloading their app on iOS and Android under ARMod.

Timothy and Alex Porter (Left to Right)

“The human dimension. Production studios use MOD to transform their ideas into beautiful, dynamic content, every day. We’re building an AI-powered platform that automates the labor and time-intensive parts of production. It’s smarter processing for visual effects so teams can get back to doing what they do best — creating.” If you are an investor who could add value to MOD Tech Labs email

Sputnik ATX is an Austin, TX-based venture capital investor and accelerator that funds early-stage maker-founders who solve real problems. They combine capital with training and experience to help startups reach their full potential. Sputnik means “partner” in Russian. Join them at Get in touch with Oksana Malysheva and Joe Merrill!

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Draper Startup House Accelerator is looking for the earliest stage founders! We invest up to $100k in extraordinary people with industry-transforming ideas.