Nickelytics: Driving the Future of Out-of-Home Advertising

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3 min readNov 15, 2021


Pitch Please Podcast Episode #010

On this episode, we are joined by the Founders of Nickelytics Judah Longgrear and Shama Keskar, as well as Sarika Batra, Executive Producer, Director, and Showrunner for Meet the Drapers.

Nickelytics is on a mission to make out-of-home media more trackable, easier to deploy, and more effective at scale by integrating the out-of-home market with a digital advertising experience.


Build measurable brand equity and attribute real ROI with Nickelytics unique combination of reach and retargeting. Not only can we connect you with your audience, we can track results and remarket better than any other OOH channel.


The shared mobility industry is complex. Data integration and insights are not simple. With Nickelytics, we can offer sustainable revenue streams and opportunities for innovation.

FOR DRIVERS: Earn more on every mile

Nickelytics puts extra money in your pocket while you drive. We leverage your usual routes to find the brands that best fit your gig economy business.

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Meet the Drapers is the first crowdfunding show that allows the audience to invest like a venture capitalist. One winner is selected every week for the first 9 episodes before moving onto the semi-finals for a shot at big money. All contestants get the chance to be funded by the viewers through their crowdfunding campaign during the season. The top 3 crowdfunded companies alongside the 3 semi-finalist winners move onto the finals to win investment from Tim Draper! The winner receives half a million dollars from Tim Draper. Plus, all contestants gain crowdfunding investment from the viewers! Watch Season 4 now at If you’re interested in applying to be on the next season, email your pitch deck to Sarika Batra at

What is Pitch Please?

This podcast gives listeners a look inside meetings between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. Take a seat at the table as startup founders pitch their businesses to seasoned VCs in the hope of receiving investment. Follow along and choose which startups you would fund, then get the chance to support them yourself. Learn what questions are asked, how investors choose founders to back, and what it takes to get to YES!

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