The Future of Social: How Witit is Shifting the Creator Economy

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3 min readMar 22, 2022


By Javan Chandler

Witit is a new kind of social media platform that gives creators the freedom to monetize how they want by charging access to their best content, listing their services for easy e-commerce style checkout, and giving them the ability to charge per minute to talk or video chat. They don’t just allow creators to post photos and videos, but creators can also post NFTs, VR photos/videos, AR content, and even games.

Nick Lau and Nathaniel Gerdes — Co-founders of Witit

One of the most stunning things about similar technologies we consume today is how they are built, operated, and even funded by their users. Co-Founder of Witit, Nathaniel Gerdes, is a creator who has amassed a significant following of 86.4k on Instagram that took matters into his own hands by creating a tool that would provide creators more options in monetizing their content.

“I Posted new photos every single day for 6 years, which could take up to 4–6 hours out of my day for a photo to be viewed for only a few seconds but to grow, they had to be exceptional. Getting clients was a hard task there was always competition to fight against and it took consistent engagement with people until it was clear that they wanted to work with me. I started hosting workshops on the growth side of social and found that I was giving out a lot more time than what I was being paid for, there had to be a better system for all of this.”

Witit is on a mission to shift work and value distribution to be accessible online, resulting in a new generational platform that thrives on contributions from a permission-less and global talent pool.

The way Witit works is that you simply download the app, fill out your basic information and start listing your skills and services. Witit also includes features such as pay per minute call sessions, 1- click check out and the ability to earn rewards through in app engagement.

Witit was part of the DSH Accelerator Pilot program in January 2022 and had made an immense amount of progress since then.

They plan on launching their MVP at the end of April 2022 with 800+ waitlisted creators totaling 85 million followers between them and 5000+ waitlisted companies interested in hiring creators/influencers through Witit.

Sing up for the waitlist at Support the team by following them on Instagram and shooting them a message on social! If you’d like to get in touch with the founder, email him at

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