Who’s at Draper Startup House Austin?


XEBEC is a company that wants to empower modern tech consumers, whether you’re a software developer, accountant, management, consultant, photographer, insurance underwriter, creator, financial analyst, salesperson, writer, marketer, and more. XEBEC is founded by modern professionals and is focused on building a mobile work-centric company. “When you are using a Xebec product you become the modern professional who lets their life dictate their work, and not vice-versa. The owner of Xebec products is a liberated professional who can live their fullest life without sacrificing their professional ambitions.​” (XEBEC) Alex Levine is the CEO and founder of Xebec and believes that the workforce is changing rapidly. With Xebec he believes that Xebes will equip today’s professionals to be successful in the modern mobile workforce.

Alex Levine, CEO

“Most of today’s workforce is stuck in the past — people stuffed into offices all working from the same physical location. But the workforce is changing, and it’s changing fast. The modern workforce is mobile. Even before COVID-19 turned the workforce upside down and forced people to work from home, there were 60 million remote workers in the US alone. This isn’t just some small trend. We believe it’s not only here to stay, but is a better way to work. It is our mission at Xebec to equip today’s professionals to be successful in the modern mobile workplace.”

At Draper Startup House Austin, we have the opportunity to provide workspaces for local companies and workers all over Austin. Something that truly makes DSH special, is the community that is created within these colorful walls. The diverse and productive work that is being done, is a motivation for not only us but for others as well. We wanted to find a way to highlight the incredible people who use our space and what it is they are accomplishing.

It is important to appreciate and celebrate our fellow entrepreneurs and what they are accomplishing. By sharing their hard work and a little bit of their story, we hope it will encourage you to do the same. We are so thankful to work in an environment that creates opportunities of not only hard work, but relationship building as well. It’s extremely rewarding learning about other companies that are working to help the future of entrepreneurs in Austin and how they continue to inspire others.

Draper Startup House is on a mission to connect, inspire, and empower the world’s entrepreneurs, small businesses, and remote workers to be successful. We provide physical spaces for entrepreneurs to live, work, stay and connect. In addition, we provide a full ecosystem of business resources, including education and access to venture capital. Visit Draperstartuphouse.com/usa to learn more.



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